Saturday, 13 May 2017

A New Way to Make Friends?! | Eating Mexican with Bumble and Em Sheldon | Cielo Blanco Leeds

Look how beautiful Cielo Blanco in Leeds is! On Wednesday of this week, I was kindly invited to have dinner at Cielo Blanco with a group full of lovely inspirational ladies. We were all invited by the incredible blogger Em Sheldon (Em Talks is her blog) and the dinner was in collaboration with the new app called Bumble, more on what the app is about later, but first lets talk food! 

Everything at Cielo Blanco was so tasty and delicious, us girls all shared lots of different dishes including the fish tacos, chicken enchiladas and this huge platter which you make your own fajitas with. The team at Cielo Blanco Leeds were amazing, bringing us unlimited nachos and guacamole, sweet potato fries and an endless choice of cocktails! 

Throughout the meal we all got to know eachother, chatting about university, puppies, blogging and boys, you name it - it was the perfect girls night out. I will be definitely returning here with some of my girlfriends soon. If chatting over margaritas and tacos isn't enough, you can enjoy these amazing churros for desert! These were the perfect end to the dinner, everyone picked a churros out and dipped it in the hot chocolate sauce, there were many boomerangs being taken ha ha, but these were seriously to die for. 

As the night went on it started to get a little chilly as we were sat in the outside seating area, but instead of us all sitting there shivering and uncomfortable we spotted a pile of blankets in the corner, which I thought was so adorable! We all got nice and cosy with our blankets and the chats continued to flow. I learnt so much about blogging from all the fantastic girls at the meal, I think its absolutely amazing that a group of 12 girls that have never met before, all different ages, different lives, and different interests can all come together for a meal and sit chatting away for hours. The blogging community is such an amazing thing to be part of and it's these moments when I truly adore it! I'm so excited to keep in contact with all the girls I met on Wednesday and hopefully we can all catch up again in the near future. Thank you all for a lovely evening. 

Now, if you haven't downloaded the Bumble app, you definitely should! Firstly because of how great we all look showcasing our Bumble merch for you all in the middle of Trinity shopping centre in Leeds - if that isn't enough to convince you then I 'll tell you a bit about the app. Bumble is a new app which is helping people connect, it is similar to Tinder in how it works. But don't fret! I wasn't really the biggest fan of Tinder and personally have never used it, but I do know some amazing success stories from Tinder. 

Anyway, Bumble isn't just about meeting someone to date, you can meet friends on there too. Bumble has a few different settings. You can use the app for dating purposes or you can also use the 'Bumble BFF' setting which allows you to see people who are interested in making new friends in the area. I think it is a great idea. I know so many friends who have graduated and moved to a new city to follow that dream job, however a few months down the line they felt lonely and isolated. Of course, my advice is to join clubs in the area or just head out to a bar and meet people.... easier said than done thought isn't it! Bumble BFF connects you to like-minded people with similar interests and you can chat before meeting up. It is a lovely way to make new friends - I'm hoping that through Bumble BFF I'll be able to connect with some more bloggers here in the north! 

Lastly, here's a cute candid pic of me and my best blogger babe <3 If you want to hear how much I admire this one, head over to my Instagram @ellethorpe and don't forget to follow me whilst you're there! Apart from that, I just want to say thank you Em for a lovely evening. 

Have you been to Cielo Blanco before? 
Have you ever tried the Bumble app? Let me know how you get on in the comments below! 

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Thanks for reading, lots of love, Elle xxx

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