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The Blogger Essentials Box || Dot Creates || Stationary and Organisation

Well hello there, I'm back... I've been away, for a little while, oh come on it was only 20 days. Look on the bright side, it wasn't another 365 days! This week I'm here to chat to you about the amaaaazing package that arrived through the post the other week. I've also seen that this week is National Stationary Week.. or something along those lines, so even if I do say so myself, this post couldn't be any more fitting could it? See, I might keep you waiting but it's all for good reason! Anyway, shall I get on with it? 

The Blogger Essentials Box is a stationary box, actually it's all a blogger could ever want/need/desire in a box to get them organised for their blog. Dot Creates is a small, independent company run by the amazing Danielle Timcke. If you are looking for any stationary (not just specifically for blogging) Dot Creates is your place! Danielle produces beautiful notepads, prints, pencils and loads more! 

I thought the Blogger Essentials Box would be a good way for me to get organised and keep all my blogging work in one place. I'm trying really hard to keep to my schedules and promote my little space on the internet as much as possible. As much as I love doing so, it is so important to keep organised and doing so definitely pays off!

As you can see, the box arrived beautifully packaged in tissue paper with the little post it sized quote "you can never have too much stationary" which I absolutely adore. You can see how much love and attention has gone into every single detail here. 

Opening the box, this is what I saw! So beautifully presented, I had to quickly take some snaps before I dived right in to see what other goodies were in there.

First up we have one of Dot Creates most popular items, "The Ultimate Blog Planner". I've never purchased a blog planner before and I can definitely say, I haven't gone wrong here. This planner is everything you need to keep all your blog related ideas, checklists and content reminders in one place. At the beggining of each month there is a motivational or inspiring quote that spurs you along and keeps you in good spirits. With checkboxes for 'words', 'links', 'photos' and 'published', you can be sure you're never going to forget those most important things a blog post needs! There is also space in each month for you to jot down any sponsored content opportunities or contracts. 

The box also contains 4 beautiful white pencils embossed in gold with the words 'PUT THAT MAGIC ON PAPER', 'UMMM...', 'EAT SLEEP BLOG REPEAT' and 'I NEED COFFEE' - which I kindly gifted to a friend as *unpopular opinion alert*, I hate coffee. 

Danielle added  four hand drawn quote designs to the box, this is such a personal touch, making the box a perfect gift for any blogger. The quotes are printed on premium thick paper and would look adorable in frames. The quotes read, "Do more of what makes you happy", "Eat Sleep Blog Repeat", "Learn to rest not quit" and "Life is better in rose gold" - a bloggers dream right?

Another special addition are these beautiful hand drawn stickers, some related to blogging and some just general life. These can be added to your planner, diary, laptop or even on key dates on your calendar. I think these are really cute and such a fun way to jazz up your stationary, making organisation fun! 

Finally, my favourite item is the "Blog Planner" notepad, I've already found this so useful at jotting down ideas whenever they come into my head. There's a large space to jot down key things about your post and a mini to-do section, as a bonus this also makes a cute prop for blog pictures. This is printed on tear away A5 sheets, I love this idea as it means I can jot rough ideas down and then when they are finalised I'll pop them nice and neatly into my planner, tear the A5 paper away once I've transferred the idea, and still have a fresh and neat looking planner. 

You can buy the Blogger Essentials Box here on the Dot Creates website. It is now on sale too so be quick before it's sold out!

I can't wait to see what else I can purchase from Danielle at Dot Creates. She has just brought out a new "Life Planner desk pad" which looks amazing for organising your blog and any other commitments on a daily basis - I know what my next purchase will be! 

Have you got the Blogger Essentials Box yet? Or have you purchased anything else from Dot Creates? I'd love to hear your thoughts down below in the comments! 

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Thanks for reading, lots of love, Elle xxx

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