Thursday, 30 March 2017

Dinner with Em Sheldon | Tasting Zizzi's Spring Menu | #ZIZZICREATES

Many of you might have seen on my social media channels that I attended a very special dinner the other night. I was so so so lucky to be invited to spend the evening with my absolute idol, Em Sheldon. If you didn't already know (if you've been hiding under a rock), Em is a blogger and YouTuber, and quite a successful one at that. Em invited myself and four others to have dinner with her at the Italian chain restaurant called Zizzi's.

Once we arrived, we were all greeted with some lovely 'Skinny Prosecco', now I'm not at all a calorie counter but this has something like 67 kcals per 100ml, you know what they say, every little helps! We all sat down happily sipping and chatting away, introducing ourselves to one another and getting to know each others stories.

Zizzi's had very kindly invited us to exclusively preview their new spring menu, so between lots of chats, prosecco and giggles the lovely team at Zizzi's brought out three courses for us to enjoy. I can tell you now, everything is so so so delicious and there are lots of options for everyone, including anyone who has dietary requirements.

I am going to be totally honest and tell you that I don't exactly know what everything was, the waitress told us before every course but to be honest I just dived in and tried everything that I thought looked tasty (which was everything obvs). The first course was absolutely beautiful, my definite favourites were the bruschettas and of course the antipasto platter.... I just can't get enough of good tasty prosciutto.

The lovely ladies at Zizzi's also offered us the cocktail list to have a look at. I thought this wouldn't be any good for me as I wasn't drinking, however to my surprise there were three delicious alcohol free cocktails! I ordered a 'Strawberry and Cucumber Cooler', it was so refreshing and tasty, I loved it so much I ordered another later on.

The mains came out and I couldn't believe my eyes, there were just so many dishes and they all looked wonderful!

I made sure I had a taste of every dish and I can say (as a fussy eater) that everything was delicous and so so tasty. There was something there for everyone, whether you loved pizza, pasta, something spicy, or even if you're more of a meat dish kinda person! Zizzi's is a restaurant for all the family. One of my favourite dishes was this pasta dish, it had a little spice, now I don't really like really hot and spicy food, but this was just right, you could taste the fresh spice but it didn't blow your head off. I also absolutely loved the pizza, surprise! Ha ha ha, Zizzi's has always been a favourite of mine for pizza so really there is no surprise there. 

Believe it or not, we had finished up with our mains, sipping on our lovely cocktails and the waitress brought out four, yes four, different deserts for us to try. We were all pretty full but obviously we couldn't resist the lovely sweets sitting in front of us, whispering try me try me! We all grabbed a spoon each and dug in.

Now I can confidently say that all four were divine, and the deserts probably my favourite course, although desert alwaaaays is, I have such a sweet tooth! The chocolate tart was a very light and deliciously creamy vegan desert. The cheesecake was beautifully fruity whilst the sorbet was so refreshing! The top dessert in the picture was mascarpone, not my choice of desert but I did try it and it was nice, but as I say, it wouldn't be my personal preference anywhere. The meal was absolutely deliciously and I want to say a special thank you to Zizzi's for organising our #girlsnight it was lovely! 

The special thing about this dinner was definitely the people I met. Sitting down to a delightful meal with like-minded and inspiring woman was great. Thank you to @gracemellor @harmonyblazeblog @sunshinesarahxo  and @jem_cupcakes it was lovely to meet you all and I can't wait for another #girlsnight 

As one of my biggest inspirations not only on the blogging scene but also in life, meeting Em and spending the whole evening chatting away was amazing, so inspiring and also incredibly humbling. Em has a wonderful heart, and is such a motivated woman, who works hard and deserves all the success in the world! #girlboss 

Have you ever been to Zizzi's? 
Who is your inspiration? 
Let me know in the comments below! 

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Thanks for reading, lots of love, Elle xxx

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