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A Day in York | Elle Voyage

Living in West Yorkshire I am lucky to live in the beautiful countryside (in the middle of nowhere) but also have a handful of cities on my doorstep, one of them being the beautiful York. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, then why not?! Hehe just click this link to follow!) then you will have seen that last week I decided to spend my day off wandering the streets of this old historic city with no real plan. I took my camera with me and snapped a few pictures... so here's what I got up to! 

Arriving at lunch time, the first task was to find somewhere to eat. I dreamt of tea rooms and pretty cakes but unfortunately most of these were fully booked or had a ridiculously long queue, of which I was far too hungry to wait in. I did go into Betty's Cafe Tea Room Stonegate York, this is something to do with the famous Betty's Tea Room that everyone raves about. I think it's maybe the sister branch or maybe the original cafe (as it is very small) before they expanded. 

If anyone knows how they are connected, let me know in the comments below. Anywho, the wait was too long for me however I asked the lady behind the counter if I could take some pictures, I just couldn't resist, it was all just so quaint and beautiful. 

Everywhere in York is stunning, I especially love all the little tea rooms. There are also a lot of individual old fashioned sweet shops, perfect for picking up gifts and little treats to take home for loved ones. whilst browsing the shops I picked up a little treat for my mum. York has a lot of fudge, I dont know why, but fudge is being sold everywhere! (I'm actually munching on a bar of butter fudge right now but sssshhh don't tell anyone) My mum loves turkish delight so when I saw a bar of fudge infused with turkish delight I just had to get it for her... I'm adding it to her Mothers Day treats! (Hopefully she doesn't read this before Sunday... sorry Mum!). 

Every corner turned in York reveals a beautiful little street, full of old fashioned swinging who signs and pretty window displays. 

This day trip also made me realise that York looks like it would be fantastic for a day out shopping. I spotted all my favourite high street shops; Toyshop, Zara, H&M, Jo Malone, TK Maxx, Pandora, the list could go on! On top of this there were numerous independent vintage and boutique stores beautifully stocked with unique pieces. 

'The Shambles', apparently the most photographed street in York, is a tiny quant street that takes you right back to the dark ages. Rickety building and tiny door ways line the cobbled pavements. Apparently some of these buildings date back to the the fourteenth century, so every single individual shop is oozing with character and charm.

After wandering around for what seemed like forever, we still couldn't find a tearoom that could take us or decide on a place to go. We ended up checking all the menus outside of places and just not really feeling any of them (mostly me, I am a fussy eater).  I now had stomach pains from how hungry I was getting and just thought right the next reasonable place we see, we're going in! Now, I'm not really a fan of pubs so much but we read the menu outside and thought it sounded reasonable and actually there were a few things that I liked. The pub we went into for lunch was called The Golden Lion on Church Street. There was a lovely atmosphere, the food was simple but delicious and we weren't paying extortionate prices for a quick lunch. I had the 'Hunters Chicken Sub' and Dom had the 'Chicken Burger with Seasoned Fries'. Both dishes were lovely and the staff were very friendly. 

After fuelling ourselves up, it was time to do some sight seeing. We headed over to the York Minster which was breathtakingly beautiful and so much bigger than I remember. We wanted to go inside and look around however you have to pay to get in. It is only £5 per person but we thought we would save it for another day when we had more time rather than paying a fiver to just bob in and out. 

We also headed to Clifford's Tower, not as breathtaking I must say, but a very interesting story lies behind the tower. You'll have to go to find out!

And there we have it, a lovely day off spontaneously enjoyed in York! Days like these ones are the kind that I like to remember. Nothing special happened, it wasn't a big event, we just decided to do something with our free day and were so content just wandering around without much of a plan. I can't wait to look back on this post in years to come, remembering our lovely little day in York.

Have you ever been to York? Let me know in the comments below if you have, and if you've got any recommendations for places that are a definite must visit!

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Thanks for reading, lots of love, Elle xxx

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