Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Last Time I am Late... || Looking Back at 2015 and Goals for 2016


Okay, yes... it is the middle of January, I know. Due to masters deadlines being quite thoughtfully placed just after the New Year came in, I have been living a life of 'wake up, go to the library, come home, go to sleep' and so, to be honest, I haven't even realised it's 2016. Now all is handed in and I'm a free gal, I thought it was definitely time for me to give some love and attention to my little corner of this big 'ole world wide web. However cliche it is, I always think it's fun to look back on the past year, think of where I was, what I was doing, and, see if I achieved what I wanted to achieve those 365 days ago. Looking back can provide a whole sense of motivation to set some more goals for the coming year.

2015 has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. I spent the majority of the first 5 months in my university library, working my butt off for my degree. Personally, I found my final year absolutely exhilarating, I finally found my place, I was actually kinda good at what I was doing. I discovered a field of study that I could completely emerge myself into and I felt passionate about it enough, I decided to apply to continue my education in the form of a masters degree. Whether this was the right decision or not, I'm yet to work out (more on that later). Anywho, I graciously catapulted myself (if that can be done graciously) through the final 5 months, come May I was totally exhausted, but, I had the biggest smile on my face. The memories I made were incredible, whether in the library or throwing some shapes on a student Wednesday, it was a blast. To top it all off, in July, I was awarded a first class degree, in a state of disbelief of what I had achieved, I enjoyed a peaceful, work free summer.

Come August I had to make some pretty tough life decisions, now for a girl who takes a good 20 minutes to decide what to have for breakfast everyday, deciding where to study my for my masters degree really provided some difficulty. With 5 unconditional offers from outstanding universities across the U.K. I had gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. Following my heart, I did a full U-turn and decided to head back to Bristol for another year. Since beginning my course in October, the ride has been pretty tough, a master is not for the soft hearted, but as pops says 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going'. 

As you can tell, education takes up a lot of my life, but I did also manage to achieve some personal goals throughout the year. I bought myself my very first car, I shared my little blog with the world which was actually a pretty big moment, as I was terrified, but ya know, haters gon' hate an all that, and I've also recently moved into my first proper 'home', since moving out of home home I lived in either student dorms or a student shared house, to have a little flat is quite a lovely rewarding feeling. So, 2015 was a pretty good year, some milestones were reached and I came out smiling, that's all that really counts isn't it? 


With a new year, a new 365 days (oh, minus 20 that have already gone!) to do absolutely anything you wish; that's the beauty of a new year, as cliche as it sounds, 'New Year, New Me'. Now I'm not going to go quite that far, but hey, what's wrong with setting a couple of old resolutions?


This is a really important one for me, I try to spread as much positivity as I possibly can, however, I've noticed that although I'm ferociously cheering everyone else on, I had nothing left for little old me. Now, that just won't do will it? This year I would like to save a little for myself, give myself that little tap on the back every now and then, rather than constantly thinking I haven't done enough or could've done better. I'm throwing negative nancy out the window and positive patricia is going to be taking up full residency. 


Ohhhhh here we go, you're probably thinking 'whatever Elle, everyone says that', which is true, every year, January comes round and every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be the next Kayla Itsines (all hail the fitness Queen of Insta.... if you've never heard of Kayla, then, seriously where have you been?! Check out her insta here). That aside, this is more of a personal health quest than a fitness quest. I've always been someone who could eat exactly whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but recently I've had a few obstacles that have stopped from doing so. I aim to experiment with some different recipes, foods, cooking styles and ways of eating in the hope that I can find something that my body and my taste buds both agree on! I will probably blog my journey, let me know if that's something you guys would be interested in reading. 


Mainly meaning, stop being late. I was late to my own birth and have been late ever since, why change now, huh? Well, I guess now I'm kinda like kindaaaaaaa an adult, I do have a few, just a few, responsibilities and unfortunately being late or unorganised really doesn't bode well. I'm either super organised or a complete mess, and I know very well that it pays off to not be the latter, so in 2016 I aim to always (mostly) be the super organised Elle. 


Study. Study. Study. There's not much else to say here.


This blog holds something special for me but I really struggle to upload consistent content, the uni work just has to become a priority.... buuuuut, seen as I'm all ya know, super organised nowadays, I will hopefully be able to babble on about whatever takes my fancy much more frequently. I'm hoping to post on a more regular basis, aaaaaand to quite frankly, not give a monkeys about what anyone says about that. 


Linking to the above, this blog is, and always has been a place a positivity. The industry can be quite a mean and scary place, with lots of bloggers having to deal with a lot of grief, and just as easily giving themselves grief. If you haven't got anything nice to say then say nothing. There's always going to be people to criticise you, to question your actions, and, to make fun of them, most of the time it is because they are jealous. This year I hope to not take any notice of this small group of people, and really focus on those ones who are supporting me and doing whatever makes me happy, and you should too!

If you're still with me, well done! That was a bit of a rambly one wasn't it, but I do enjoy these lifestyle posts. Have you made any resolutions for 2016? Let me know in the comments below!

Elle xxx

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