Thursday, 8 October 2015

Down it Fresher....|| The Fresher Survival Guide for Uni

Hellooo there little ones!

I am a tad late to the party but ya know, forgive me. It is that time of year again, summer is a distant memory, the kids are back to school and the academic year is starting all over again. Yikes, that came fast. A while back I wrote a post with my top tips for university that I gained throughout my own personal experience. I don't want to scare you, uni is an incredible, exhilarating experience and seen as it is October now, I thought I would have a little more fun, so here is a little light hearted Freshers guide that I wish someone would have written for me...

Now, uni is a system of education, ultimately you are there to study and to learn so I'm going to get the boring bits out of the way first.

First of all, organisation is key, you may have the most free time you've ever had in your life, but, the time also seems to be moving at double speed at uni. You've got to juggle going out, keeping on top of your reading list, and, have the energy to socialise. Get yourself a planner, a diary, a schedule, what the hell you wana call it... get one or make complete use of your smart phone app to organise yourself... you do not want to accidentally turn up to netball practice on Thursday instead of being at Anna's bday pre drinks do you?!

Don't panic....First year doesn't count. I'm not saying finish the year averaging on a sold 41%, that is not okay buuuut just remember that this is your year to make friends, settle in and get to know your new city! Do the work and keep your attendance up, but it's not the end of the world if you miss that Monday 9am now and again... 

Freshers week comes around pretty quick, you basically unpack your heels and before you know it you are going out every night participating in this thing called 'Freshers Week'. Freshers week is the week before teaching begins, a lot of clubs put on big nights, sometimes fancydress, Where's Wally anyone? There will be a freshers fair on campus, which takes place during the day, where you can go and check out any sports teams and societies you are interested in. There will also be so many brands there pitching their products and services... take advantage of this, take every freebie, voucher and discount you can! Trust me, you will appreciate those Dominoes vouchers when you're hungover and it's not Two for Tuesdays!

Buy a onesie, please, you will need it and you will love it. And yes lads, I'm looking at you too!

The student slang; the words 'lecture' 'seminar' '2:1' 'assignment' 'project' 'halls' will all become part of your second language.. by that I mean the way you talk at uni but would never find yourself doing at home. If you're going to a uni in a big city you will also understand that the Met vs Uni rivalry does actually exist, no we are not in an American college, but yes we do take this rivalry very serious... varsity nights will be the best of your life... or the worst.

Use the fact that you are a student, Student Beans, UNiDAYS, NUS discount, these are all fantastic ways to get money off, discount codes, vouchers to use online... all this for not doing anything except for being a student! Most people don't bother, but just think how much money you would save over the course of a whole year...

Join societies/sports clubs, I talk about this in my first post, and all about making friends and being sociable... but I can't stress it enough, use your free time, discover new things and even if you don't stick to them, you are bound to make friends to keep anyway!

Last but not least... Embrace life as a fresher, looking back, my first year was the funnest, most ridiculous year of my life  and I hope yours is too, before you know it you will be graduating, so make the most of it and down it fresher!

Have fun little ones! 
Elle xxx

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