Monday, 8 June 2015

Motivational Monday || Jealousy

It is Monday! Forget about the mistakes you made, or the goals you didn't achieve last week... that is all gone, a new week, a chance to have a better shot at doing things better. 

Today I chose this quote/image from Pinterest to form the theme of this week's Motivational Monday post. I remind myself of this quote quite a lot, and recently I've noticed that I don't have to and I'm hoping that this is because it may have actually sunk in!

Growing up we are taught and channeled to be the best, and I believe that as human beings we are naturally conditioned to compete with one another. Early memories from school of sports days and math tests are all examples of where we are comparing and competing. Now, some healthy competition is always great and I believe that nothing makes you run faster than someone chasing you! However, when you look back, there are so many moments in the early stages of life where we are made to feel like a less of a person because we have compared ourselves to somebody else. 

We do not need to do this. I'm not sure whether it comes with age but I've realised that in the past few years it's not about competition anymore, I'm lucky to have a huge support network around me and I'm also part of many other support networks for my nearest and dearest. Just because someone gets a better grade than you, it doesn't mean that you have failed. Be happy for others and your time will come. 

If you hear of someone being successful in their life, be happy for them, congratulate them and be inspired. We don't need to grow any more negativity, make space for the positive thoughts to flow and spread them around the world. 

Lots of love, Elle xxx

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