Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hello September

September is the month for cosy nights in, hot chocolates, oversized blankets and vegetable soup. I spend my whole summer wishing it will never end until it gets to September 1st and I'm suddenly ecstatic about Autumn.
This September I plan on filling each day with happiness, spending each day doing something I love to make it the best September yet.  I've decided to share with you 10 of these lovely thoughts and things. 

1. Family time. I'm going to Scotland for 4 days to spend time with my family who live there, I don't see them very often so I'm sure we are going to have some lovely cute outings in the autumn weather, with hot chocolate stops at the local cafes!

2. Cooking. I've been really enjoying letting my creativity run wild in the kitchen lately. With the colder months approaching, I would really like to try a few new dishes to enjoy in the winter.

3. Reading. With all this spare time I've had over the summer months, I have been reading a lot more books, crime novels in particular, I'd like to be able to keep this up even when I have a slightly busier schedule! 

4. Me time. I'm thinking, candles, bubble baths, beautifully painted nails, face masks and rose scented spritzers, yes please. 

5. Focus. I need to be organised to enter into my final year at uni (eeeeek). Finding a structured routine for myself is key if I want to achieve all that I aim to this coming academic year. 

6. Beauty. No longer exposed to the sun, sea and sand, my healthy tan will begin to fade and therefore I want to make sure my skin stays in top condition. I often get lazy after the summer, but I am to keep moisturising daily and make my tan last as long as possible!

7. Glamour. A bit of lippie and a party now and again is never a bad thing. Heading back down to uni is a great excuse for a get together and I can't wait to get my heels on and have a good old boogie. 

8. Creativity. I know that I have a lot of creativity bursting out of me however I'm often one to ignore it because theres always an easier and quicker way to get things done. But, this September I'm determined to do things a little differently and let my creative vibes flow oooooo!

9. Confidence. We all have those times, you're feeling down, tired, unmotivated and just not very confident with who you are right now. Well, September is my new month to be confident again, be proud of who I am and what I achieving because you can never do better than you're best.

10. Smile. Just smile :)

What do you want to achieve this September? Are you as excited for autumn or are you a summer baby? 

Elle xxx

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