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War Zones and Sunsets: Bosnia & Herzegovina || Travel

For our October trip we headed even further South to the Capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo. With a population of just under 400,000 the cultural and religious difference within the city is incredible, Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism and Catholicism coexist within the valley. Despite the fact that not too long ago in the 1990's the city was on the edge of annihilation, today it is a vibrant and attractive city.

Above is the spot where Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia were assassinated in 1914 and the wall plaque dedicated to it.

Sarajevo is a beautiful city to walk around and take in the various different religious buildings and places. As well as visiting all the top tourist sites and destinations within the city we also paid to go on a trip outside the city to the Sarajevo War Tunnel which is the tunnel that was used throughout the war to help civilians escape the city and to import materials and food into the city to help the soldiers; at this time there was no other way in or out of the city due to it being surrounded by the Serbians. It was there that I saw this...

After partying it up in the city's best nightclub the next morning we awoke with some foggy heads but despite this we were rearing to get going to our next destination; Mostar.

Mostar is located to the south west of Sarajevo and is definitely worth a visit, we spent our Sunday morning there. It is a very small town but has great cultural and historic importance due to the magnificent bridge photographed above. 
Stari Most, which in English means 'Old Bridge' is a reconstruction of the 16th Century Ottoman bridge that crosses the river Neretva and connects the two sides of the town. The previous bridge stood in place for 427 years, until it was destroyed in 1993 by the Croat forces during the war. This reconstruction opened in July 2004.

We then found a spot for our picnic lunch and headed back to the car for our journey to Split in Croatia, the drive was around 180km but we were sure to stop off a take some snaps of the beautiful scenery. 

Although we arrived to Split quite late into the evening it was totally worth it as we all gazed out to such an incredibly, beautiful sunset and wandered around the old town. 

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