Monday, 21 April 2014

Motivational Monday #3

Today is Monday, Monday is the day to make new promises and banish bad habits! Right? Well, not exactly, for most of us it's just a day that we struggle to get up on time.

Well, if you feel like making just a small little promise to yourself, one that maybe, just maybe you could stick to.. it could be to start reading! If you are someone who is constantly with their nose in a book, then I salute you. But, if you are not one of these people, ok I get it, we are not all book worms, but I believe that we should all make an effort to read something, whether that be a classic romance novel or just the daily newspaper, whatever floats your boat! I found this picture and it has definitely motivated me to get back into my books.. my kindle has been feeling a bit neglected recently.

Reading stimulates the brain, it gives an escape from you own life and the ability to throw yourself into someone else's world and see life through their eyes. I know, of course, not everyone wants to escape their own lives but even if you love your life, it's nice to see things from other perspectives. Whether it be Harry Potter, George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four or the Daily Mail, get reading people! 

Enjoy your week lovelies, Elle xx

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