Monday, 24 March 2014

Motivational Monday #1

Monday's are always a bit of doom and gloom for everyone.. you're still a little tired from the weekend and not quite ready to take on another week at full speed ahead. Well, let's change this! From now on I will be posting a 'Motivational Monday' post on every Monday of the week to fuel you all up and inspire you to get up and go!

I saw this on pinterest a few days ago and, in my current personal situation, I found it very easy to relate to. I hope this motivates you all to appreciate the small things in life, whether that is thoughtful walks and time to think, your daily good mornings with those you love or the weekend catch ups with the besties, because one day you might realise that they aren't there anymore and you will miss those 'little things'. 

Feel free to share what you appreciate right now below, I would love to hear! Have a great Monday and wonderful week. 

Elle xx

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