Monday, 31 March 2014

Motivational Monday #2

Okay, so maybe I am a little bit late to motivate you to kick Monday's butt, however I hope I am still in time to save the rest of the week. This week I am all about doing rather than saying I will do.. We are all culprits of the ever so common "I'll do it tomorrow" phrase, but this past weekend I have told myself that I'm going to do do do, and no more say say say. I was inspired by this image I found on We Heart It and I hope it inspires many of you to do the same. Stop wasting those precious days, because, however cringey, it is so true that you will never get this day back, you will never live this moment again and you will never be this young. 

Have a fabulous week lovelies! 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Motivational Monday #1

Monday's are always a bit of doom and gloom for everyone.. you're still a little tired from the weekend and not quite ready to take on another week at full speed ahead. Well, let's change this! From now on I will be posting a 'Motivational Monday' post on every Monday of the week to fuel you all up and inspire you to get up and go!

I saw this on pinterest a few days ago and, in my current personal situation, I found it very easy to relate to. I hope this motivates you all to appreciate the small things in life, whether that is thoughtful walks and time to think, your daily good mornings with those you love or the weekend catch ups with the besties, because one day you might realise that they aren't there anymore and you will miss those 'little things'. 

Feel free to share what you appreciate right now below, I would love to hear! Have a great Monday and wonderful week. 

Elle xx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

L'Oreal Elvital Total Repair Extreme

Spring is just around the corner, the suns coming out and we all want to be showing off our luscious locks with cute sunnies and daisy chains. So, in this Saturday's post I am going to talk about my current favourite shampoo and conditioner. I have just recently had my hair cut, before I had extremely long dark blonde hair (when I say extremely long, I really mean it, it was down to my waist!) but now it's looking a lot healthier at a sophisticated boob length. I have never coloured my hair and after the cut I have had countless comments about how I look so good with dark hair! Yes, I know, I am confused too.. but I guess with the cut, a lot of my natural blonde highlights were chopped off and swept away!

Anywho, getting down to business, for the past few months I have been using L'Oreal Paris Total Repair Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner. Now, as I am studying abroad in Slovenia, the ones that I buy have actually been imported from Germany and therefore are in German so I cannot read what they are actually claiming to do. However, I have put my google translate skills to the test and this is the result. The shampoo claims to act as a deep reconstructing and strengthening product to the entire hair fibers. the active substance stabilizes the inner hair structure and strengthens the outer protective layers. Promising, increased resistance, suppleness and vitality. The conditioner claims it makes even very damaged, dry hair wonderfully supple.

In my opinion, both the shampoo and the conditioner live up to their claims. After washing my hair, it feels renewed, nourished and surprisingly strong. I have always had very long hair and it can be very knotty and difficult however with L'Oreal's Elvital Total Repair Extreme I have no trouble and can even leave my hair to dry naturally and not have too many knots! I fully recommend these products and they aren't too pricey either. I buy both for 2.85 euro which converts to around £2.40 each.

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you would like to see more favourites! Has anyone else tried this shampoo and conditioner? Let me know in the comments below. Hope you all have a great weekend!  

Elle xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


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Where have I been? || Life Update

Hi lovelies! So I must admit, shamefully, it has been over a year since I have posted anything on my blog and I am very ashamed of myself! I'm hoping you can all forgive me and I want to say thank you to those who have stuck with me :)

I guess I owe you all a little bit of an explanation of my where abouts... So here goes! As you all know I am a bit of a travel bunny, I love exploring other countries, cultures and indulging in the local foods. You can see what I got up to on my Summer 2012 Inter-railing trip here. So I decided to take up the opportunity of studying as an Erasmus student for an academic year, in Ljubljana, the capital city of a beautiful country in Eastern Europe called Slovenia. I've been living here since September and I'll be back in England in July!

The picture above is of my beloved city! Ljubljana is one of the prettiest, cutest cities I have ever been to, despite it being the capital, it is actually tiny. I will be doing a more detailed post about the city soon, so keep your eyes out for that one if you are interested. Let me know in the comments below if you have already visited this beautiful hidden gem!

On another note, before I ramble on too much, I wanted to say that I'm going to be back to blogging ad much as I can. It's funny living in a different country, and one so small as Slovenia, it's often hard to find beauty products that have just launched or classic products you know you will always find in trusty boots, the price is also quite expensive due to bad exchange rates and import taxes but I will try my best on the beauty front. However, I would also like to do some more lifestyle posts, travel, fitness, advice, Q&A... anything really! Let me know if you have any requests. 

That's all for now.
Are there any suggestions for posts? Anyone ever been to Slovenia or Ljubljana itself? Have you had any similar experiences? Are you a former Erasmus student? Do you have any advice for me?

Ciao ciao,
Elle xx

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