Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snow Day!

Hey lovelies, 

Instagram photo of the walk

How are you all? I hope everyone's Monday wasn't too bad yesterday, I apologise for the recent lack of posts but I have been very very busy getting ready to go back to university in Bristol, trying to get everything packed and all my Christmas presents back down there! It is a NIGHTMARE, nothing fits! So there's my lame excuse for being absent for the past week. If it snowed by you I hope you went out to play like I did, this is just a quick chatty post to say hi I am alive and here are some pretty and funny pictures I took yesterday whilst walking the dogs in the snow with my friend. Up here in Yorkshire where my parents live we get a lot of snow compared to down south!




If you haven't had any snow where you are then you can have a gaze at these pictures and imagine you were there! Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week, I'm travelling back down to Bristol tomorrow, 5 hour journey here I come! Wooooooo.. NOT. Ah well I'm sure I will get plenty of work done on the way. 

Thanks for reading, 
Elle xxx

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