Monday, 7 January 2013

River Island Haul - January Sales!

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope all you lovely people are having a great 2013 so far, I have as I am pretty sure many of you have been, raiding these January sales! I hope you have also all enjoyed the first weekend of 2013, I have had a very successful one! My mother and I decided to take a trip to Leeds to emerge ourselves into the fantastic and irresistible January sales. I was not planning on spending tooo much money but surely it can be justified due to all the money being saved due to the sale prices! Surely...?

River Island was a very successful shop today and so I thought I would make a separate post and then merge all the rest of the shops together!

Casual vest. £22 reduced to £10
 I really like this vest as it is so casual and will match any colour jeans or trousers but also looks girly and has that touch of glam thanks to the small gold studs. 

Staple black dress - £35 reduced to £15 but bought for £10
 Well, well, well this dress! I love how simple this LBD is but a touch of detail with the gold studs and padded shoulders, although you may be able to notice that a stud is missing on the right hand side so I sneakily asked for an extra reduction and got this little number for £10, what a bargain!

Top - £25 reduced to £10
 This top is black which isn't a colour I will normally go for however I feel that the cute flower beads add that touch of feminism. Love wearing these with my disco pants!

Jeans - £35 reduced to £15
 So I admit these are a little CRAZY! Haha but I love them and I don't care what anyone else says! They are perfect skinny tight fit and I absolutely love wearing them!

Disco pants - £30 reduced to £15
 Purple disco pants very similar to the America Apparel ones but a lot A LOT cheaper, so if you are looking for a pair River Island is the place, great fit and quality.

Shorts - £22 reduced to £10
Okay I apologise about the picture, I couldn't get a decent one these are black high waisted shorts and feel like they could go with absolutely everything for any occasion! I could wear these daily with tights and a casual top of dress them up with heels and accessories for a night out! 

So I hope you have all enjoyed this post about my spendings this month..oops! Maybe you have seen something you like and may go on a crazy search in these sales?! Haha, there is another post coming with a whole mixture of other stuff from elsewhere in the sales so keep your eyes peeled! Leave a comment with some of the bargains you have snapped up this month!

Hope everyone's Monday wasn't too bad and the week doesn't go too slow!

Elle xxx

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