Wednesday, 9 January 2013

January Sales 2013 Haul - Mixup!

Hey lovelies! 

When I makes a promise I always make sure I stick to it, because I do not like people who don't! So as promised I have another haul for you girlies! Wooooooo! This haul is also from when I went shopping with my mother the other day but these are items that are not from River Island they are from various shops! I personally feel like this year January sales had been pretty successful for me, I know that a lot of people would disagree and say this year hasn't been as good and cheap as other but I guess I have just been lucky! :) 

Firstly I would like you all the brace yourself, I popped into Office completely out of the blue just to have a look at what it had to offer. Now GET YOURSELF THERE! The sale at the shoe store Office is absolutely incredible. DRUMROLL pleaaaaaaaase...

These beautiful 'statement wedges' were reduced from a whopping £75 to a mere £20! I have recently been looking for a new pair of standard black wedges that will go with everything for those uni nights out. I instantly fell in love with these, even though they are very tall, they are sooo comfy due to the mahoooooosive platform. They are a beautiful black suede and I know I will definitely get my wear out of them for just £20!

I tell you now, I was a very happy little bunny! At one point I was trying on about 5 different pairs of heels, seriously go and check Office out for some bargain heels! I was a little upset after a lovely purple/mauve/red grape colour (I am the worst at describing colours) just wouldn't fit my feet properly :( The size 5 was too small and size 6 too big. But ah well I cant be too greedy now can I!

This skirt and velvet top were both from Urban Outfitters, one of my favourite shops at the moment! The sale in there is absolutely amazing, most things are over 50% off! Took my mother in there and she had never heard of the shop and now loves the place and thinks it is 'stylish and trendy' haha! The skirt is a long pencil skirt, I haven't owned one of these before and I am so excited to try it out mixing and matching it with different tops and shoes. This skirt was originally £35 but reduced down to £15, when I got to the till the skirt scanned through as £10 plus my student discount, this number cost me a whole £9! I was CHUFFED! 
The top is also a strange choice for me, this black velvet crop top/roll neck - I do not know how to describe this at all! Anywhooo, this lovely fitting crop top comes to just mid way between the bottom of your lady bumps and belly button so obviously you can only wear it with anything high waisted but that suits me so it's no problemo! :) This top was £25 reduced to £10.

Now now now, this cheeky little number was also a bit of an experiment for me! I have never ever owned a boob tube in my life and never really thought them to be very attractive. However seen as this was going for £2 in Primark after being reduced from £10 I thought I could give it a whirl and see if I could work it! We'll see how it goes....

These are also two Primark buys, the jacket is a simple black short jacket that goes with everything, and will be handy during spring as it is not too thick but will keep the chill out, reduced to £10 from £25. The dress is now named as 'the french dress' as apparently I look like I should be on a bicycle riding round Paris with some french bread! Haha how stereotypical. But yes I originally bought this because I urgently needed something to wear to work that night and as it was reduced to £5 thought it was perfect! But I can see myself reaching for this more often, especially in the summer months. 

 PRIMARK IS SELLING GYM/ WORK OUT CLOTHES! I literally went crazy when I walked in Primark in Leeds I was so happy to see all the work out clothes. Lately I have been looking for some new clothes for the gym but I just haven't been able to bring myself to pay the full price of like £30 when all I'm going to do is sweat in the clothes?! So I picked up these lovely 3/4 length gym pants with pink stripes down the side, there was also green available. These cost £8 which is fantastic :) I also invested in a new sports bra which was only £5 so will see how that goes. There were plenty of other items including tops, jackets, long trousers and I'm sure I will end up wandering in there soon to pick something else up! 

And there we have it... My 'mixup' haul! I'm really pleased with my purchases this month and feel like I have treated myself way too much! Were you successful in this years January sales? Post a comment or link to let me know how you got on! Outfit of the Day posts should be soon, promise! :) So keep checking back to see how I style all my new buys! 

Hope you are all having a lovely week and planning a great weekend of partying or resting whatever takes your fancy.

Till next time,
Elle xxx

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