Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic New Years Eve and thoroughly enjoyed staying in bed all day for the first day of 2013 as I did! I thought it was time to do a New Year, New Resolutions post as last year I didn't even make any resolutions and all year I felt very guilty! 

Ten things I would like to achieve this year would be...

1. Pass my first year of uni with a good grade.
2. Put more time and effort into my blog.
3. Learn to cook properly, using recipes and cooking meals from scratch more often.
4. Plan to go travelling again during the summer.
5. Be more organised and be better at managing my time. 
6. Find a healthy eating and fitness regime I can stick to. 
7. Visit my friends unis.
8. Style my hair more often.
9. Go snowboarding.
10. Figure out what I want to do once I've graduated.

Hopefully I will look back at this post in a year to come and be really pleased about my progress and be able to tick the majority! However we will have to wait and see :) 

Leave a comment including your New Year Resolutions or link my to your post! 

Elle xxx

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