Monday, 21 January 2013

A quick little catch up...

Hi lovelies, 

So here I am, back in Bristol! It has now snowed A LOT here too, it's like it is following me around the country. Anyway seen as I'm back at university now, lectures start tomorrow.. boringgggggg, but at least this means I will be back into my normal routine and should be able to start doing blogposts Wednesdays and Sundays again!

My travel blog sequel will carry on as we still have a lot of Italy to explore and Corfu in Greece which was on of my favourite stops! 

Anywhoo, for now I must get back to this essay :| oh the joys, I suppose I can't complain after having 5 weeks off. Off to the gym later as well for a circuits session sporting my new gym gear! Wooo I will be thin by spring! 

Sorry for the breif update but I hope you all understand :) Let me know what you guys have been up to or tweet me if you would prefer! @ElleThorpe1 

Be back soon, promise!
Elle xxx

I also came across this quote the other day, and it got me thinking... I will leave it with you.

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