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Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Venice

Wednesday 11th July, 2012

We arrived in Venice early in the morning, it felt great to be on Italian soil, I was so excited. We found Dave on the platform and he told us that he knew how to get to PLUS Jolly so we thought great we will just follow him. He had NO IDEA how to get there and so in the end I just asked someone and it turned out to be quite complicated. We had to take the little 'people mover' haha to an island called Tronchetto where a coach picked us up and took us to the complex IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Anyway the reception was quick and we got our keys straight away, dumped our stuff in our cute little cabin and headed for the supermarket to get food. We met a lovely boy from California who was travelling alone and so we invited him to come sight seeing with us! 

Kate in our Venesian Palace :)
Kate fell in love with Venice, I have been before but I will always admit it is mind blowing  it is so beautiful. We wandered around all the back streets and dark winding alley ways with no map completely lost but we all agreed that this was probably the best way to really experience Venice.

These are some of the hundreds of photos we took in Venice, everything was soo beautiful I just could not stop snapping away! It was very very hot and stuffy and we all thought we might die of dehydration so we decided we had seen enough of Venice and had a little rest in the shade with some proper Italian gelato yuummmm!
It took us a while to get back to the hostel as we got as lost as we did coming into Venice. Eventually we got back to the 'people mover' and unfortunately we had just missed the next bus back to complex (if you ever stay at plus hostels ALWAYS plan your day around the shuttle times!) we had to wait a good hour. Until...we were sat down on the side chatting to a few Americans who had also missed the bus and an Australian man came over, he was the leader of a Australian travelling group staying at PLUS hostels and were asking if we were waiting for him. We lied at first trying to hitch a ride but he laughed and told us we had to be Aussies! Haha but our luck was in when there were a few extra places on his bus so in the end things turned out even better with a free ride with a whole bunch of hot young Aussies fresh from down under!

We decided to hit the pool and had a really nice time relaxing and playing games. The PLUS hostel in Venice is a great place to stay as long as you don't mind being far away from the city centre, there's plenty to do on the complex, the pool, the restaurant, the bar and supermarket provide everything you need! Later that night we headed to the restaurant for dinner and the food was lovely for a really good price, not expensive at all! Me and Kate decided to get an early night as we had to be up for 8am in order to start our VERY LONG journey down the Greece.

A very short stay in Venice but really all you need is one day to explore, definitely worth a visit, you will fall in love. 

Next it's away from the cities to the beautiful Greek island, Corfu!

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