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Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Munich

Sunday 8th July, 2012 

Early in the morning Kate, Will and I set off to get the train to Munich, it wasn't too crowded and after Prague's antics we all slept most of the way. Wombats hostel was just around the corner from the train station which was fantastic! I would definitely recommend staying at the Wombats Hostel in Munich it is very close to the train station and only a short walk from the city centre. There are good facilities including an awesome chill out area with hammocks and comfy beds to have a midday nap on! Kate, Will and another Canadian we met whilst moving in named Dave and I decided to go to an Australian bar recommended by the hostel to watch the tennis final. At first glance I liked the city of Munich but didn't get to see much of it until descending into the basement Australian bar. We all ordered huge burgers and watched Murray loose Wimbledon. After a rest and shower we went down to the bar in the hostel. 

Kate and I at Wombats Hostel Bar, Munich
After meeting lots of friends including 3 Dutch boys, 2 American girls and 2 American Boys we all decided to hit Hofbraeuhaus, a huge famous beer garden in Munich. It was so much fun and lots of interesting conversations were bouncing around the table about beer, culture, ther german language, american politics haha all sorts! We all wanted to go out clubbing but nobody really knew where and we all ended up back at Wombat's Hostel Bar which was a good laugh anyway. 

Monday 9th July, 2012

Up and out early! We had decided to dedicate today to visiting the first ever concentration camp in Dachau. We caught the metro, a train and a transfer shuttle bus to the camp, it didn't cost that much and the shuttle bus was free which was great! We also paid 2.50 euros for audio guides which were totally worth it as they went into a lot of detail about every individual aspect. As many of you can probably imagine the concentration camp was a very strange place to visit, I would like to say it was a 'good' experience but I would definitely be using the wrong adjective. The whole day was very educational but also very very moving, you could feel the deep emotion everywhere. There was an eerie feeling in the air, you could feel a strong sense of torture, suffering, pain and death all around you. I feel like I understand a lot more about the concentration camps in which Jews were imprisoned and how they operated. We experienced walking through the "shower rooms" which were actually the gas chambers in which thousands of innocent Jews were killed. The original buildings, the same walls, floors and doors they saw. The original trays which the soldiers pushed the poison into the room through. We also saw the original crematoriums, the rooms were they slept or the 'bunkers' the cells and much more. We visited the churches and the museums, the whole day was draining but definitely worth it. 

Kate and I exploring the camp, Dachau

Later that day, we hit the hostel bar and guess who I found? The SOUTH LONDON BOYS we met in Prague! Ran over to Dave and was like heeeeeeeeeeeeeey! He was in disbelief, I don't think he spoke a word for at least a whole minute of looking at me haha! Introducing them to everyone we sat down and had a few chilled out drinks. We decided to visit Augestina, another huge beer garden in Munich. Kate, Will, Myself, a guy from South Africa called Nick who we met at the hostel and the two American boys from the first night who we learnt were from Colorado all discussed Tomorrowland around the table full of litres of beer! Nick kindly informed us he had bagged a free ticket and we were all so JEALOUS! 
We all got a little bit excited about tomorrowland and all wanted to go clubbing so we found a club on the map and set off! The youngest American boy didn't have ID so we lost them and it ended up just Kate, Will, Nick and I. We all had a really funny night dancing to all the old ridiculous songs with  the local Munich party people! Unluckily someone stepped on my dodgy ankle and that was the end of the night for me as I could barely walk! I hobbled around a little but it was no use, I was in pain, in the end, Nick offered to carry me and I jumped on his back and enjoyed the work out! Some ice eased the pain and it was straight to bed for me and my bad ankle! :( We had to say goodbye to Will as he was leaving for Vienna in the morning without us! :( So it was good nights, take cares, hugs and kisses to Will xxxxxxx

Kate in the English Garden's, Munich
Tuesday 10th July, 2012

I hobbled around the English Gardens alllllllll day long but I actually enjoyed myself, the gardens are HUGE and so peaceful and tranquil. I had the best chill out day with Kate my bestieee :) We walked to the Chinese Tantrum and sat in the shade munching on ice cream. PERFECTION! 

Kate and I, English Gardens, Munich
That evening we chilled out and did some research to find a sushi place nearby as we were both massively craving! Finally we got one and set off, it was the best treat ever! I had never felt so content haha, it was reasonably prices and really good sushi.. nom nom nom! 

All we had to do after dinner was head back to the hostel and hang out before it was time to leave for the train station. Night train to Venice here we come!

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