Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Prague Part 2

July 6th, 2012

Up early today and went off for another day exploring the back streets of Prague, this was one of my favourite things about Prague - there was always somewhere you hadn't been yet! We wandered past the infamous astronomical clock. down streets full of life and raw culture. 

Being not so cultured Kate and I went for a Subway, haha! Bumping into Sam and Jack there was hilarious - they were definitely following us! Therefore it turned into another day of wandering around, shopping and dehydrated. Way too tired and way too lost we found a beer garden and decided not to move for a good hour. In this time I organised to meet up with my best Irish girl Beth! Beth and I met up at Charles Bridge (which is beautiful but so so so crowded!) and it was so lovely to see her we couldn't stop talking and she decided to join us for dinner that night! :) Whilst Beth and I were catching up Kate and the boys decided to make up a game of finding the best arse and taking pictures to see who won! 
Agreeing to meet Beth later for dinner we ended back to the hostel and Beth ended back to hers. Later after showering and changing Beth met us at Mosaic House and was instantly soooooooo jealous and then everyone headed down to the amazing but cheap Italian restaurant a couple of streets away. Everyone was there; Kate, Beth, Jack, Same, Michelle, Thomas, Will and myself - it was so much fun and a really lovely meal that didn't put a hole in anyone's pocket! $$$$$ 
We headed back to the hostel to have a few drinks and then decided we all wanted to go out! Wanting to try somewhere new we randomly picked one called ROXY'S, arriving and forcing Jack to get the Jaegers in Kate and I went to show the Czech's how to skank! Will was loving the Irish girls and was making a strong move on Megan ;) He said the accent was 'incredible' crazy Canadian! After an hour or two Roxy's had gotten a little boring so we left and headed to the 5 STOREY CLUB which we knew would never let us down. On our way out of Roxy's 2 Londoners were heading in and they saw us leaving and started shouting over, "Where ya going?!" "Why ya leaving?!" We all shouted back 

It wasn't a hard decision for them, instantly they turned around and followed, they were such a laugh on the walk to the club, we got lost numerous times and everyone got split up and when we got to the club everyone met up again until we realised we had lost Kate and Jack! :( Assuming they were already inside having just walked quicker we didn't worry and got straight in there ready to dance. At the entrance Will didn't have enough money and had to find a cash point so Sam and I waited for him and everyone else headed on inside to the 5 dancefloors. When he finally returned we found the Irish girls pretty easily but still no Kate or Jack! :( Thinking they would find us at some point we all got our boogey on and had a great time! Getting split up a few times with me going off to try and find Kate and Jack but always finding one another we all had a great time, however i did feel like i was missing a limb without Kate there. :(
A night out with Beth my Irish bestie was insane though, SO MUCH FUN. We were getting so excited for Mallorca in August we couldn't contain ourselves! Everyone was busting their moves on the oldies floor and Will and Beth had a dance off. Later, with the men getting creepier by the minute and no sign of Kate or Jack we decided it was time to leave. Sam, Will and I walked back to the hostel whilst the girls got a taxi to theirs. Will was SPEECHLESS at the fact it was now early in the morning and it was light hahaha! Thankfully we arrived home and Kate was safe in bed. 

Jack and I in Roxy's

Beth and I in the 5 Storey Club

July 7th, 2012

Sadly, Michelle and Thomas left early in the morning, after some goodbyes and take cares they headed off. So only 5 remaining we decided to get a pedalo for some fun! Sitting in a red pedalo under a bridge in the rain in the city of Prague was definitely not the highlight of the trip, however when the thunder and lightening struck it was actually pretty cool! Causing a scene as usual, we pedalled all the way round a stupid island, Sam lost his phone and Will shouting out to some people that he is English when I am 100% sure he is Canadian; MAJOR WANNABE. 

After having lots of fun, Jamie, one of my friends from Italy contacted me letting me knows my best friends had arrived in Prague! I was so excited, so hours later Jamie finally rocked up at our hostel and we all had a few drinks at Mosaic House. Convincing the rest of the Italian gang to come we had a super cool chilled night hanging out in the bar and getting food. It was so good to see my best friends in Prague, especially Nina and Sof! 

Ali, Nina, Sof, Myself and Jamie 
Later they left and we all said our goodbyes as we were heading off for Munich early in the morning however the good news was that Will was coming with us! 

Munich coming next!

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