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Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Prague Part 1

July 3rd, 2012

After jumping on some crazy metro service from the airport to the city we got off at our stop and clambered up the stairs to the street, this was our first glance at Prague as a city, I must say it was very different to what I expected! After a short walk in the rain following a map like typical tourists, we arrived at the Mosaic House Hostel. If anyone goes to Prague you MUST stay here, it is nicer than most hotels I have been to and less than half the price! There are hotel suites and then rooms in the hostel section ranging from 4 people to 24 people! We were in a room with 4 others, we were allowed straight to our room and met who followed on to be the best roomies ever! Michelle, Thomas and Will from Canada. As we had been travelling all day we decided to go down to the bar (which is amazing for a hostel) and catch some food and have a few drinks. We didn't exactly have a few drinks... how about quite a few? We meet some more Australian boys who were lovely and spent the night discussing why England is better than Australia and vice versa! 

July 4th, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe was our first and only destination this day, we were way too hungover to go gallabanting around Prague in the heat! At the Hard Rock Cafe we met THE BEST WAITER EVER, his name was DEREK and he was from SOUTH AFRICA.

Myself, Derek and Kate, Hard Rock Cafe, Prague
 After sitting in Hard Rock Cafe for 3 hours we decided it was time we left and wander back to Mosaic House. 

Prague, Czech Republic
Arriving back at the hostel we realised that it was the 4th of July, the day America made the worse decision ever. JOKINGGG haha American Independence Day, the hostel was decorated from head to toe in red white and blue, all the Americans were dressed up and a night of fun was beginning. Kate was more interested in the tennis that was on the big screen, Murray against someone and apparently it was important? Anyway I had no interest so we got a drink and chilled out, Kate got talking to 2 English boys on the nearby table, they were also much more interested about the tennis then the fact it was the most important day of America's history! The hostel had organised games and all sorts of activities and so Jack and Sam (the two English boys) decided to make a team and enter the table football competition. Naming themselves 'The British Empire' the whole room now hated us! The boys whipped everyone's arses so at the end of the tournament the American organiser had to announce to the whole hostel that "The British Empire has won the tournament of the 4th of July"   Haha best moment ever! The room fell silent apart from us 4 in the corner shouting and cheering! The prize was a bottle of Jack Daniels and we all enjoyed this a little too much and merrily trotted off down the road to The Five Storey Club. Save to say this was one of the funniest nights of the trip, the whole group was out, Myself and Kate, Jack and Sam, and our favourite Canadians Will and Thomas, unfortunately Michelle hadn't felt like coming out :( We all danced stupidly on the oldies floor, and we later learnt that Jack was hitting on a hen party all night! 

Loving life in the Five Storey Club, Prague.

July 5th, 2012
Regardless of our banging headaches the next day Kate and I got up and faced the climb up to Prague's infamous castle. It was painful but totally worth it, the views up at the top were phenomenal. Looking over the whole city you could see it's true beauty, history and culture in one snapshot. We were also lucky enough to watch the changing of the guards. In the church we were taken aback by the beautifully breath taking pieces of mosaic art on the walls. Here are a few shots from up at the castle. 

View when we got to the top
The Church

We decided to head back down to the city before our feet dropped off or one of us dropped dead.We stumbled across a pretty little square which was hidden away and I'm pretty sure it was mostly locals and not crawling with tourists which made it even cuter! In the centre of the small square was a paddling pool and everyone was sat around dangling their feet in it to cool down and enjoy the sun, Kate and I didn't hesitate to kick our shoes off and join in! 

The rest of the day we had a lazy day, bumped into Sam and Jack and we all went to Tesco, which I didn't even know existed outside of the UK! It was a fun afternoon hanging out together on the hostel terrace having lunch and abusing cucumbers.

As we were all absolutely knackered, we decided to get some board games from the reception and us roomies sat upstairs playing games and I can honestly say it was SO MUCH FUN. Later we headed back downstairs to find Jack and Sam sat watching a Scottish lady perform in the bar so we joined them and bought a huge pitcher of Sex on the Bitch which was honestly AMAZING - favourite summer drink ever. 

Part 2 will be coming soon with another 3 days in Prague!

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