Sunday, 9 September 2012

Travel Blog

I have been considering this for a while now and I have finally found the time to start my Summer 2012 Travel Blog posts.
Throughout July I travelled around Europe for 21 days, in this time I obviously couldn't visit every country in Europe (however much I would have loved to) but I did get to quite a few cities...
Paris - Prague - Munich - Venice - Bari - Corfu - Rome - Milan
Venice, Italy
Although we had originally planned to go to a few more places within the 21 days, I think it was better to have fewer places but longer in each as we met so many friends and had great times with them which wouldn't happen if you just stayed somewhere for a night.
I've decided to do these posts to firstly give advice and help young people like myself who want to go travelling, by reading this they may pick up a few good tips or good places to eat and stay in certain cities, and also to let myself really appreciate how lucky I was to go on this trip and the fantastic things I did and saw. There will be a blog post on every place I visited, I will babble on about what I did, what I ate, where I stayed and who I met.
Hope you are as excited as I am!
Elle xxx

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