Thursday, 3 May 2012

Primark Candles!

Due to my current obsession with scented candles I just couldn't resist going to Primark to try their range! I know I am a bit late on the scene but I was still pretty excited :) So they had lots of different sizes and scents but in the end I bought 2. I got the ones in the tins with the pretty pattern around them, Wild Berry and Vanilla.

Wild Berry Primark Scented Candal
Originally £2 but reduced to £1.50

Vanilla Primark Scented Candal
Originally £2 but reduced to £1.50

As you can see both of these candal were reduced to £1.50 which I think is an absolute bargain! They both smell gorrrrgeousssss in their pretty little tins, especially the Wild Berry which is a little stronger than the Vanilla. I was a little wary as to how strong their scent would be when burning but to be honest these candles are definitely worth £1.50 and I would pay more for them! The Wild Berry is a very musky fruity scent which reminds me of Christmas (Could just be the red colour I'm not sure haha) and the Vanilla engulfs the room in a lovely calming and relaxing odour. I like to light that one as soon as I get home just to give my bedroom a lovely scent to do my work in or just relax and chill - out.

I also just loves how a candle looks when it's burning away on the side, it really calms me down and sets a gentle mood in whichever room it is burning in. Even when they aren't lit these candles look lovely and cute in their tins just sitting on the side next to eachother to add to the decor a bit!

How about you, have you tried any new scented candles recently? Got any reccomendations? Or thoughts on Primark's range if you have tried it?

Wish my luck for my exam tomorrow! Hopefully my candle will put in a nice calm mood for revision :)

Love Elle xxx

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