Monday, 30 April 2012

Partying in Milano!

Hi everyone!

Such a busy busy busy busy week! Sorry for my absence but  due a family loss and my exams starting I have been on the go non-stop!

I wanted to tell you guys about my trip to Milano! So to cut a long story short I moved back to rainy England from sunny Milano 2 and a half years ago after living there for 3 years! (Yes I am aware it is THE FASHION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD AND YES I DID HAVE A SLIGHT PANIC ATTACK MOST DAYS) Hahaha, so I have kept in contact with a lot of my friends living there and a few weeks back I went over for an 18th birthday party.

It was a very formal dress code; long dresses and suits so here's a few pictures from the night!

Hope you all enjoy the photos! I had a great night and it was absolutely lovely to see all of my Milan friends!

Elle xxxx

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