Saturday, 8 December 2012

Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Venice

Wednesday 11th July, 2012

We arrived in Venice early in the morning, it felt great to be on Italian soil, I was so excited. We found Dave on the platform and he told us that he knew how to get to PLUS Jolly so we thought great we will just follow him. He had NO IDEA how to get there and so in the end I just asked someone and it turned out to be quite complicated. We had to take the little 'people mover' haha to an island called Tronchetto where a coach picked us up and took us to the complex IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Anyway the reception was quick and we got our keys straight away, dumped our stuff in our cute little cabin and headed for the supermarket to get food. We met a lovely boy from California who was travelling alone and so we invited him to come sight seeing with us! 

Kate in our Venesian Palace :)
Kate fell in love with Venice, I have been before but I will always admit it is mind blowing  it is so beautiful. We wandered around all the back streets and dark winding alley ways with no map completely lost but we all agreed that this was probably the best way to really experience Venice.

These are some of the hundreds of photos we took in Venice, everything was soo beautiful I just could not stop snapping away! It was very very hot and stuffy and we all thought we might die of dehydration so we decided we had seen enough of Venice and had a little rest in the shade with some proper Italian gelato yuummmm!
It took us a while to get back to the hostel as we got as lost as we did coming into Venice. Eventually we got back to the 'people mover' and unfortunately we had just missed the next bus back to complex (if you ever stay at plus hostels ALWAYS plan your day around the shuttle times!) we had to wait a good hour. Until...we were sat down on the side chatting to a few Americans who had also missed the bus and an Australian man came over, he was the leader of a Australian travelling group staying at PLUS hostels and were asking if we were waiting for him. We lied at first trying to hitch a ride but he laughed and told us we had to be Aussies! Haha but our luck was in when there were a few extra places on his bus so in the end things turned out even better with a free ride with a whole bunch of hot young Aussies fresh from down under!

We decided to hit the pool and had a really nice time relaxing and playing games. The PLUS hostel in Venice is a great place to stay as long as you don't mind being far away from the city centre, there's plenty to do on the complex, the pool, the restaurant, the bar and supermarket provide everything you need! Later that night we headed to the restaurant for dinner and the food was lovely for a really good price, not expensive at all! Me and Kate decided to get an early night as we had to be up for 8am in order to start our VERY LONG journey down the Greece.

A very short stay in Venice but really all you need is one day to explore, definitely worth a visit, you will fall in love. 

Next it's away from the cities to the beautiful Greek island, Corfu!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Munich

Sunday 8th July, 2012 

Early in the morning Kate, Will and I set off to get the train to Munich, it wasn't too crowded and after Prague's antics we all slept most of the way. Wombats hostel was just around the corner from the train station which was fantastic! I would definitely recommend staying at the Wombats Hostel in Munich it is very close to the train station and only a short walk from the city centre. There are good facilities including an awesome chill out area with hammocks and comfy beds to have a midday nap on! Kate, Will and another Canadian we met whilst moving in named Dave and I decided to go to an Australian bar recommended by the hostel to watch the tennis final. At first glance I liked the city of Munich but didn't get to see much of it until descending into the basement Australian bar. We all ordered huge burgers and watched Murray loose Wimbledon. After a rest and shower we went down to the bar in the hostel. 

Kate and I at Wombats Hostel Bar, Munich
After meeting lots of friends including 3 Dutch boys, 2 American girls and 2 American Boys we all decided to hit Hofbraeuhaus, a huge famous beer garden in Munich. It was so much fun and lots of interesting conversations were bouncing around the table about beer, culture, ther german language, american politics haha all sorts! We all wanted to go out clubbing but nobody really knew where and we all ended up back at Wombat's Hostel Bar which was a good laugh anyway. 

Monday 9th July, 2012

Up and out early! We had decided to dedicate today to visiting the first ever concentration camp in Dachau. We caught the metro, a train and a transfer shuttle bus to the camp, it didn't cost that much and the shuttle bus was free which was great! We also paid 2.50 euros for audio guides which were totally worth it as they went into a lot of detail about every individual aspect. As many of you can probably imagine the concentration camp was a very strange place to visit, I would like to say it was a 'good' experience but I would definitely be using the wrong adjective. The whole day was very educational but also very very moving, you could feel the deep emotion everywhere. There was an eerie feeling in the air, you could feel a strong sense of torture, suffering, pain and death all around you. I feel like I understand a lot more about the concentration camps in which Jews were imprisoned and how they operated. We experienced walking through the "shower rooms" which were actually the gas chambers in which thousands of innocent Jews were killed. The original buildings, the same walls, floors and doors they saw. The original trays which the soldiers pushed the poison into the room through. We also saw the original crematoriums, the rooms were they slept or the 'bunkers' the cells and much more. We visited the churches and the museums, the whole day was draining but definitely worth it. 

Kate and I exploring the camp, Dachau

Later that day, we hit the hostel bar and guess who I found? The SOUTH LONDON BOYS we met in Prague! Ran over to Dave and was like heeeeeeeeeeeeeey! He was in disbelief, I don't think he spoke a word for at least a whole minute of looking at me haha! Introducing them to everyone we sat down and had a few chilled out drinks. We decided to visit Augestina, another huge beer garden in Munich. Kate, Will, Myself, a guy from South Africa called Nick who we met at the hostel and the two American boys from the first night who we learnt were from Colorado all discussed Tomorrowland around the table full of litres of beer! Nick kindly informed us he had bagged a free ticket and we were all so JEALOUS! 
We all got a little bit excited about tomorrowland and all wanted to go clubbing so we found a club on the map and set off! The youngest American boy didn't have ID so we lost them and it ended up just Kate, Will, Nick and I. We all had a really funny night dancing to all the old ridiculous songs with  the local Munich party people! Unluckily someone stepped on my dodgy ankle and that was the end of the night for me as I could barely walk! I hobbled around a little but it was no use, I was in pain, in the end, Nick offered to carry me and I jumped on his back and enjoyed the work out! Some ice eased the pain and it was straight to bed for me and my bad ankle! :( We had to say goodbye to Will as he was leaving for Vienna in the morning without us! :( So it was good nights, take cares, hugs and kisses to Will xxxxxxx

Kate in the English Garden's, Munich
Tuesday 10th July, 2012

I hobbled around the English Gardens alllllllll day long but I actually enjoyed myself, the gardens are HUGE and so peaceful and tranquil. I had the best chill out day with Kate my bestieee :) We walked to the Chinese Tantrum and sat in the shade munching on ice cream. PERFECTION! 

Kate and I, English Gardens, Munich
That evening we chilled out and did some research to find a sushi place nearby as we were both massively craving! Finally we got one and set off, it was the best treat ever! I had never felt so content haha, it was reasonably prices and really good sushi.. nom nom nom! 

All we had to do after dinner was head back to the hostel and hang out before it was time to leave for the train station. Night train to Venice here we come!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Get to know me tag!

Hey lovelies! 

I have read many blogs which have done this tag and I thought just how perfect it would be for me as I am new to this whole blogging scene. Don't get me wrong I have been reading beauty blogs for yeaaaaarssss but only just plucked up the courage to be writing one myself, little old me putting myself out there, how ridiculous! I'm currently writing all about my summer adventure so check out my Travel posts if you love to travel just like me! So here goes guys, you're about to 'get to know me'! 

1. Are you named after anyone? I don't think I am, I remember something about my dad saying they got my name off a film (charming) and just liked the sound of it and that was that really.
2. When was the last time you cried? I don't cry a lot but I have just started university a long long long way away from home and it has made me quite emotional sometimes!
3. Do you have kids? No.
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? What a strange thing to think about but yes I'm sure I would, I always try my best to be kind and thoughtful towards others and I would like to think I'm fun to be around, except in the morning. 
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yes I do, especially Yorkshire sarcasm which not many people down here understand... awkward.
6. Will you ever bungee-jump? Yes yes definitely yes.
7. What's your favorite cereal? Weetabix with lots and lots of sugar!
8. What's the first thing you notice about people? I notice someones posture, body language and how they present themselves to others. Eye contact is also important, I find it rude if people don't look at you whilst talking to you.
9. What is your eye colour? Blue
10. Scary movie or happy endings? Depends what mood I am really, I love a scary movie to get my adrenaline running but then instantly regret it after when I'm too scared to leave my room incase there's someone in the flat that's going to kill me. I love happy endings too though and I ALWAYS cry. 
11. Favorite smells? Fresh cut grass, soap and glory (especially Hand Food) and CHOCOLATE.
12. Summer or winter? Summer. I love the outfits you can pull of during the summer. Winter is nice but I only like being cosy and warm inside looking at the frost outside because I just hate being cold.
13. Computer or television? Computer - I can watch TV on the computer, but not the other way around.
14. What's the furthest you've ever been from home? Probably during my eurotrip when I went down to Greece as I was with my best friend not my family so therefore metaphorically home felt so much further.
15. Do you have any special talents? I can speak Italian and dislocate my hip? 
16. Where were you born? London.
17. What are your hobbies? Playing football, (haha yes you can laugh) eating chocolate, reading blogs and watching youtube beauty videos and trying to figure out what I want to be in this world!
18. Do you have any pets? Back home I have a dog and I miss her very much!
19. Favorite movie? A very very very very short list would be: Wild Child, Scrooge (only at Christmas), Fame, All Sex in the City's. 
20. Do you have any siblings? Yes an older brother.
21. What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy and successful in every way possible; including my career and my personal life.
I tag anyone who hasn't done this and who wants to do it :)

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! 

Elle xxxx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Prague Part 2

July 6th, 2012

Up early today and went off for another day exploring the back streets of Prague, this was one of my favourite things about Prague - there was always somewhere you hadn't been yet! We wandered past the infamous astronomical clock. down streets full of life and raw culture. 

Being not so cultured Kate and I went for a Subway, haha! Bumping into Sam and Jack there was hilarious - they were definitely following us! Therefore it turned into another day of wandering around, shopping and dehydrated. Way too tired and way too lost we found a beer garden and decided not to move for a good hour. In this time I organised to meet up with my best Irish girl Beth! Beth and I met up at Charles Bridge (which is beautiful but so so so crowded!) and it was so lovely to see her we couldn't stop talking and she decided to join us for dinner that night! :) Whilst Beth and I were catching up Kate and the boys decided to make up a game of finding the best arse and taking pictures to see who won! 
Agreeing to meet Beth later for dinner we ended back to the hostel and Beth ended back to hers. Later after showering and changing Beth met us at Mosaic House and was instantly soooooooo jealous and then everyone headed down to the amazing but cheap Italian restaurant a couple of streets away. Everyone was there; Kate, Beth, Jack, Same, Michelle, Thomas, Will and myself - it was so much fun and a really lovely meal that didn't put a hole in anyone's pocket! $$$$$ 
We headed back to the hostel to have a few drinks and then decided we all wanted to go out! Wanting to try somewhere new we randomly picked one called ROXY'S, arriving and forcing Jack to get the Jaegers in Kate and I went to show the Czech's how to skank! Will was loving the Irish girls and was making a strong move on Megan ;) He said the accent was 'incredible' crazy Canadian! After an hour or two Roxy's had gotten a little boring so we left and headed to the 5 STOREY CLUB which we knew would never let us down. On our way out of Roxy's 2 Londoners were heading in and they saw us leaving and started shouting over, "Where ya going?!" "Why ya leaving?!" We all shouted back 

It wasn't a hard decision for them, instantly they turned around and followed, they were such a laugh on the walk to the club, we got lost numerous times and everyone got split up and when we got to the club everyone met up again until we realised we had lost Kate and Jack! :( Assuming they were already inside having just walked quicker we didn't worry and got straight in there ready to dance. At the entrance Will didn't have enough money and had to find a cash point so Sam and I waited for him and everyone else headed on inside to the 5 dancefloors. When he finally returned we found the Irish girls pretty easily but still no Kate or Jack! :( Thinking they would find us at some point we all got our boogey on and had a great time! Getting split up a few times with me going off to try and find Kate and Jack but always finding one another we all had a great time, however i did feel like i was missing a limb without Kate there. :(
A night out with Beth my Irish bestie was insane though, SO MUCH FUN. We were getting so excited for Mallorca in August we couldn't contain ourselves! Everyone was busting their moves on the oldies floor and Will and Beth had a dance off. Later, with the men getting creepier by the minute and no sign of Kate or Jack we decided it was time to leave. Sam, Will and I walked back to the hostel whilst the girls got a taxi to theirs. Will was SPEECHLESS at the fact it was now early in the morning and it was light hahaha! Thankfully we arrived home and Kate was safe in bed. 

Jack and I in Roxy's

Beth and I in the 5 Storey Club

July 7th, 2012

Sadly, Michelle and Thomas left early in the morning, after some goodbyes and take cares they headed off. So only 5 remaining we decided to get a pedalo for some fun! Sitting in a red pedalo under a bridge in the rain in the city of Prague was definitely not the highlight of the trip, however when the thunder and lightening struck it was actually pretty cool! Causing a scene as usual, we pedalled all the way round a stupid island, Sam lost his phone and Will shouting out to some people that he is English when I am 100% sure he is Canadian; MAJOR WANNABE. 

After having lots of fun, Jamie, one of my friends from Italy contacted me letting me knows my best friends had arrived in Prague! I was so excited, so hours later Jamie finally rocked up at our hostel and we all had a few drinks at Mosaic House. Convincing the rest of the Italian gang to come we had a super cool chilled night hanging out in the bar and getting food. It was so good to see my best friends in Prague, especially Nina and Sof! 

Ali, Nina, Sof, Myself and Jamie 
Later they left and we all said our goodbyes as we were heading off for Munich early in the morning however the good news was that Will was coming with us! 

Munich coming next!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Prague Part 1

July 3rd, 2012

After jumping on some crazy metro service from the airport to the city we got off at our stop and clambered up the stairs to the street, this was our first glance at Prague as a city, I must say it was very different to what I expected! After a short walk in the rain following a map like typical tourists, we arrived at the Mosaic House Hostel. If anyone goes to Prague you MUST stay here, it is nicer than most hotels I have been to and less than half the price! There are hotel suites and then rooms in the hostel section ranging from 4 people to 24 people! We were in a room with 4 others, we were allowed straight to our room and met who followed on to be the best roomies ever! Michelle, Thomas and Will from Canada. As we had been travelling all day we decided to go down to the bar (which is amazing for a hostel) and catch some food and have a few drinks. We didn't exactly have a few drinks... how about quite a few? We meet some more Australian boys who were lovely and spent the night discussing why England is better than Australia and vice versa! 

July 4th, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe was our first and only destination this day, we were way too hungover to go gallabanting around Prague in the heat! At the Hard Rock Cafe we met THE BEST WAITER EVER, his name was DEREK and he was from SOUTH AFRICA.

Myself, Derek and Kate, Hard Rock Cafe, Prague
 After sitting in Hard Rock Cafe for 3 hours we decided it was time we left and wander back to Mosaic House. 

Prague, Czech Republic
Arriving back at the hostel we realised that it was the 4th of July, the day America made the worse decision ever. JOKINGGG haha American Independence Day, the hostel was decorated from head to toe in red white and blue, all the Americans were dressed up and a night of fun was beginning. Kate was more interested in the tennis that was on the big screen, Murray against someone and apparently it was important? Anyway I had no interest so we got a drink and chilled out, Kate got talking to 2 English boys on the nearby table, they were also much more interested about the tennis then the fact it was the most important day of America's history! The hostel had organised games and all sorts of activities and so Jack and Sam (the two English boys) decided to make a team and enter the table football competition. Naming themselves 'The British Empire' the whole room now hated us! The boys whipped everyone's arses so at the end of the tournament the American organiser had to announce to the whole hostel that "The British Empire has won the tournament of the 4th of July"   Haha best moment ever! The room fell silent apart from us 4 in the corner shouting and cheering! The prize was a bottle of Jack Daniels and we all enjoyed this a little too much and merrily trotted off down the road to The Five Storey Club. Save to say this was one of the funniest nights of the trip, the whole group was out, Myself and Kate, Jack and Sam, and our favourite Canadians Will and Thomas, unfortunately Michelle hadn't felt like coming out :( We all danced stupidly on the oldies floor, and we later learnt that Jack was hitting on a hen party all night! 

Loving life in the Five Storey Club, Prague.

July 5th, 2012
Regardless of our banging headaches the next day Kate and I got up and faced the climb up to Prague's infamous castle. It was painful but totally worth it, the views up at the top were phenomenal. Looking over the whole city you could see it's true beauty, history and culture in one snapshot. We were also lucky enough to watch the changing of the guards. In the church we were taken aback by the beautifully breath taking pieces of mosaic art on the walls. Here are a few shots from up at the castle. 

View when we got to the top
The Church

We decided to head back down to the city before our feet dropped off or one of us dropped dead.We stumbled across a pretty little square which was hidden away and I'm pretty sure it was mostly locals and not crawling with tourists which made it even cuter! In the centre of the small square was a paddling pool and everyone was sat around dangling their feet in it to cool down and enjoy the sun, Kate and I didn't hesitate to kick our shoes off and join in! 

The rest of the day we had a lazy day, bumped into Sam and Jack and we all went to Tesco, which I didn't even know existed outside of the UK! It was a fun afternoon hanging out together on the hostel terrace having lunch and abusing cucumbers.

As we were all absolutely knackered, we decided to get some board games from the reception and us roomies sat upstairs playing games and I can honestly say it was SO MUCH FUN. Later we headed back downstairs to find Jack and Sam sat watching a Scottish lady perform in the bar so we joined them and bought a huge pitcher of Sex on the Bitch which was honestly AMAZING - favourite summer drink ever. 

Part 2 will be coming soon with another 3 days in Prague!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Summer 2012 Travel Blog - Paris

June 30, 2012 5:30 PM

5:30pm on Saturday 30th of July, the day after my 18th birthday, was one of the most exciting and scariest moments of my life so far. My best friend and I were all set and ready to depart for Paris, our first stop on our highly anticipated trip around Europe for a month during our 2012 summer break. As we travelled by Megabus (CHEAP AS CHIPS) 14 hours later we arrived in the middle of nowhere in Paris at 7:30AM!
July 1st, 2012
Regardless, we were definitely the happiest 18 year olds in the world. We had booked to stay at St. Christopher's Hostel now the only task was to locate this hostel. We used our initiative and started walking. Half an hour later and feeling like we had made no progress we stumbled across the infamous Arc de Triumph, that was one ticked off the list already!

Arc de Triumph, Paris
Arriving at the hostel, free breakfast was provided straight away, dumping our bags in the locker room we rushed up to breakfast. An outgoing Canadian girl named Rebecca sat down with us and started chatting away which then led us to meeting our AUSSIE BOYS. They seemed pretty hungover after a heavy night however Kate and I had been sat on a coach for 15 hours so we didn't exactly look glamorous ourselves, we later learnt that it is impossible to look glamorous whilst back packing! Buzzing to get out there into one of the most beautiful cities in the world we agreed to meet up later and ran off to explore!
First stop was the Notre Dame!
Notre Dame de Paris is French for ''Our Lady of Paris'', also known as the Notre Dame Cathedral is a historic Roman Catholic Marian cathedral in the easter half of the Ile de la Cite in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. It is widely considered as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture and among the largest and most well known churches in the world ever built. It is one of the most beauiful and breath taking cathedrals I have ever seen! As the sun was shining and we were both still grinning from ear to ear we decided to sit down for a while and just people watch, taking in the breathless scenery.
Notre Dame

Kate chilling in the sunshine outside the Notre Dame
Heading to Musée du Louvre we followed the map along the Seine river, crossing at Pont Neuf,our favourite bride in the whole wide world! The Musée du Louvre is the world's most visited art museum, one of the world's largest museums and a historic monument. As it was a Sunday, entry to the museum was free which, yes you might think is great, however NO it is not so great as you then have to queue for 2 hours to get in! We kept ourselves occupied taking typical tourist pictures.

Le Lourve
Waiting in the queue, took approximately 6253 attempts to get this right
Eventually we got in and the first place we headed was the cafe as we were starving! We then wandered around for a while not really knowing what we were looking at until we decided to hunt down Mona Lisa (OUR LASS MONA). The Mona Lisa is a half-length potrait of a woman by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, which had been acclaimed as "the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world."
This is the best picture I could get due to the animals (masses of people) fighting to get closer our dear Mona.

Kate very nearly got victimised by the gypsies out on the bridges of the Siene river however I was there to save her and instruct her on GYPSY SPOTTING she is now an absolute pro! No fear now, the gypsies aren't near! We found the cuuuuutest most delicious restaurant ever and sat down in the gleaming sun to have a typical French lunch.
Moving on to the last place we wanted to see that day: The Eiffel Tower!

Kate and I at The Eiffel Tower
We headed back to St Christopher's hostel, which was absolutely jam packed due to the final of the Euro 2012 football! Squeezing past all the old local french sweaty men we found a little table in the corner and ordered some nachos, after not being impressed by the nachos AT ALL we thought we would just head back up to our room and catch some sleep. But NO that is not what you do when travelling! Bumping into to the Aussie boys, we got drinking and the rest of the night is a mystery as neither of us can remember much.

July 2nd, 2012

Forcing ourselves out of bed we tried to eat something and got going to explore Paris a little further, one of our friends Tom came with us whilst the others slept their hangovers off. Me and Kate being wonderful tour guides we took Tom to Le Lourve and chilled in the Gardens. We then got lost and ended up starving, cold, lost, and not very happy at all. We went to the train station so Kate and I could book a train to Berlin for that night, well that didn't work out did it? There was A TRAIN STRIKE - there was no way in which me and Kate could leave Paris on a train anytime soon. Basically we were stuck in Paris, but that's cool we'll just book an extra night at St. Christophers right? NO it is fully booked. Kate started to panic. Oh dear. This was not a good start. Luckily our Aussie boys literally saved our lives and let us stay with them that night, we booked a flight to Prague the next day and decided to go out to a lovely meal at a Vietnamese restaurant down the road. Our baby Mike educated us on the cuisine and we all enjoyed a gorgeous tasty meal.
July 3rd, 2012
We chilled at the hostel for a while until it was time for me and Kate to hit the airport. It was time for some sad goodbyes to our AUSSIE BOYS who literally saved our BUTTS and become our best friends in Paris! Hugs and kisses, take cares and see you again hopefully, Kate and I trotted off heading for Charles de Gaulle International Airport. I must say that I did not see the sky on that plane, I sat in my seat and fell asleep instantly and then woke up the minute before we landed. We arrived in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, the rain was pouring and we were lost. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Travel Blog

I have been considering this for a while now and I have finally found the time to start my Summer 2012 Travel Blog posts.
Throughout July I travelled around Europe for 21 days, in this time I obviously couldn't visit every country in Europe (however much I would have loved to) but I did get to quite a few cities...
Paris - Prague - Munich - Venice - Bari - Corfu - Rome - Milan
Venice, Italy
Although we had originally planned to go to a few more places within the 21 days, I think it was better to have fewer places but longer in each as we met so many friends and had great times with them which wouldn't happen if you just stayed somewhere for a night.
I've decided to do these posts to firstly give advice and help young people like myself who want to go travelling, by reading this they may pick up a few good tips or good places to eat and stay in certain cities, and also to let myself really appreciate how lucky I was to go on this trip and the fantastic things I did and saw. There will be a blog post on every place I visited, I will babble on about what I did, what I ate, where I stayed and who I met.
Hope you are as excited as I am!
Elle xxx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Revision once again!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, can't wait till I'm done with A levels!On a good note I got my firts choice uni accomodation yesterday woop woop! My best friend from Wales is in the flat upstairs SO EXCITED. 

Be back with you all soon, anyone else suffering from A levels? Share with me so I know I'm not going crazy!

Love Bellezza xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Hi everyoneeee, firstly I need to apologise my terrible absence from my blog! I am so so sorry and I hope you guys will forgive me!

I am currently sitting my A-level exams so I'm afraid blogging had to take a back seat for a while! I started on the 28th of May and end on the 25th of June so I shall be back with you then :) Got my two most importan Tuesday and Wednesday eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Wish me luckkk :D

I am afraid this is going to be a quickyy ;) (cheekyyy!) as I am currently in the middle of revising The Hot Spot Theory for Geography fun fun fun NOT.

So, on the 30th of June I am actually jetting off around Europe with my best frienddd everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I am literalllly bouncing out of my seat ready to go, but unfortunately gotta to stay at the desk for now. Anyway here's our itinery:

Paris-Brussels-Berlin-Krakow-Prague-Venice-Rome-Greece-Rome-Milan and the possibly south of France along to Barcelona OR up to the Italian Lakes and back home that way?

Let me know what you guys think! Any of you got any plans for the summer? Would love to know them.

Lovee Bellezza xxxxx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Primark Candles!

Due to my current obsession with scented candles I just couldn't resist going to Primark to try their range! I know I am a bit late on the scene but I was still pretty excited :) So they had lots of different sizes and scents but in the end I bought 2. I got the ones in the tins with the pretty pattern around them, Wild Berry and Vanilla.

Wild Berry Primark Scented Candal
Originally £2 but reduced to £1.50

Vanilla Primark Scented Candal
Originally £2 but reduced to £1.50

As you can see both of these candal were reduced to £1.50 which I think is an absolute bargain! They both smell gorrrrgeousssss in their pretty little tins, especially the Wild Berry which is a little stronger than the Vanilla. I was a little wary as to how strong their scent would be when burning but to be honest these candles are definitely worth £1.50 and I would pay more for them! The Wild Berry is a very musky fruity scent which reminds me of Christmas (Could just be the red colour I'm not sure haha) and the Vanilla engulfs the room in a lovely calming and relaxing odour. I like to light that one as soon as I get home just to give my bedroom a lovely scent to do my work in or just relax and chill - out.

I also just loves how a candle looks when it's burning away on the side, it really calms me down and sets a gentle mood in whichever room it is burning in. Even when they aren't lit these candles look lovely and cute in their tins just sitting on the side next to eachother to add to the decor a bit!

How about you, have you tried any new scented candles recently? Got any reccomendations? Or thoughts on Primark's range if you have tried it?

Wish my luck for my exam tomorrow! Hopefully my candle will put in a nice calm mood for revision :)

Love Elle xxx

Monday, 30 April 2012

Partying in Milano!

Hi everyone!

Such a busy busy busy busy week! Sorry for my absence but  due a family loss and my exams starting I have been on the go non-stop!

I wanted to tell you guys about my trip to Milano! So to cut a long story short I moved back to rainy England from sunny Milano 2 and a half years ago after living there for 3 years! (Yes I am aware it is THE FASHION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD AND YES I DID HAVE A SLIGHT PANIC ATTACK MOST DAYS) Hahaha, so I have kept in contact with a lot of my friends living there and a few weeks back I went over for an 18th birthday party.

It was a very formal dress code; long dresses and suits so here's a few pictures from the night!

Hope you all enjoy the photos! I had a great night and it was absolutely lovely to see all of my Milan friends!

Elle xxxx

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